i don't agree with you rami, not everyone in these days can make a wedding in lebanon...the minimum needed to make a wedding in lebanon bypassed the average of 20.000$...if we choose a normal wedding dresse, a normal zaffe,a normal photographer,ordinary cars, very small venue....these days the couples should work years just to make a wedding in lebanon which will pass in 24 hour as maximum....

:) I like what’s happening below. From my point of view, I think the couple should not spend more than their in-hand budget and they shouldn’t take a loan for it; I think it’s weird to have loans for weddings! Besides, I will marry once in my life and I want it to be a great wedding but in the same time I won’t spend more that I can do. I will do whatever I can with my budget.
By the way, I think Lebanon is the best place on earth to make wedding in it. You can have a very small wedding and up ten million dollar wedding.

honestly i disagree with Anna because we come life once and we get marry once, and the wedding in Lebanon became something very lovely to do and the couple must enjoy this event and spend all what they can to make it an unforgettable day. We have the finest wedding Zaffe in lebanon, finest wedding dresses in lebanon, finest wedding flowers in lebanon, finest wedding photographer in lebanon,finest wedding cars in lebanon...etc...so we need to take advantage from all of that...at least i will do that for myself when i get married :)

First i would like to thank Emabrook team for this blog, it is one of its kind really :) as for this question, it is quite critical in our days to have a Lebanese wedding just as others perceive it should be, but for me personally, i think weddings should not be overdone, it is just a matter of the couple's personality which is actually lost in most of the weddings in Lebanon!!

I totally agree with what Adel mentioned, weddings in Lebanon have become so expensive and so incorporated in our culture to be done at certain standards where couples unconsciously are becoming obliged to keep those standards.

nowadays, the wedding in lebanon containing the minimum factors from zaffe to venue to cars to photographers to the bride dresses...etc needs at least 30.000$ and above just to have an ordinary wedding.

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