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I will get married soon/I already got married, how can I benefit from Emabrook?

Emabrook will create a page with the name of the groom and bride. i.e. www.emabrook.com/marwan.rima. This page contains up to 250 categorized pictures and it will be marketed through 300 mobile numbers of your choice. Your names will be searchable in our database (www.emabrook.com/gallery) and can be accessed without any registration. Emabrook will give the accessibility for the couples to decide whether the page is public or password protected. You can contact us directly on sales@emabrook.com or call us on the hotline +961-71-467 077.

I'm a wedding supplier (photographer, hair stylist, fashion designer, venue owner, florist...) and I need to benefit from Emabrook site and be listed in the directory?

Emabrook doesn't only offer digital space for your advertisements but several services as well. We will be glad if you can contact us on sales@emabrook.com or call us on +961-71-467 077 to set up a meeting to discuss your business needs in order to offer you the best solution to share a part of the wedding industry.

How can I find a wedding photo album for a bride or groom on emabrook?

First you should go to gallery page www.emabrook.com/gallery and insert the name of the groom or the bride in the search field. Please take notice that misspelled names won't be found.

The search result is displayed but there is a lock or unlock icon, what does it mean?

The lock icon means that this wedding is password protected; you cannot view it unless you have the password sent through SMS or email. The unlock icon means that this wedding is public and it can be viewed by any visitor.

Under the picture gallery, there is a list of names. Who are they?

This section is called the wedding details. All the suppliers that helped in the wedding and are recommended by the couples are listed in that section. Their contact details will appear when clicking on their name.

I am preparing my wedding and I need some more contacts, can you help?

Emabrook has created a categorized directory page www.emabrook.com/directory. There are 20 different categories; each category contains many suppliers.

How can I know the latest update about Emabrook?

Emabrook offers two solutions; you can subscribe to our newsletter and you can check our news; both components are located at the bottom of the home page.

How can I send you a comment?

You can click on the feedback button or www.emabrook.com/feedback and send us your comments and we will be more than thankful.


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